Regulatory search for Compliance Professionals

Regulatory search for Compliance Professionals

Regulatory search is domain specific and due to the technical nature and depth of financial regulatory texts, regulatory search needs a more specific and tailored platform than the mainstream search engines can provide.

A general search engine tool such as Google will struggle to find relevant content and results when searching for specific extracts of regulation, or regulatory jargon, let alone when searching for in-house interpretations of regulation or touch points between the regulation and your in-house systems and controls.

Single Rulebook specialises in regulatory search.  Using the latest software and automation tools such as deep learning and Natural Language Processing (NLP), the platform delivers highly relevant search results across all UK and EU regulatory rules.

Single Rulebook helps solve search issues encountered by Compliance professionals on a daily basis:

  • Regulatory jargon, such as definitions, common industry terms or other terms, is very specific and often makes use of abbreviations and common industry synonyms. Regulators in different jurisdictions often refer to the same regulatory concept with different wording. Single Rulebook is able to search and recognise specific regulatory content and terms.
  • Finding a specific regulation is often a lot more difficult than it should be. Single Rulebook aggregates regulatory content on one digital platform, allowing users to search for specific rule references using various permutations. For example, a user may search for RTS 1 European MiFID II regulation instead of the exact title Commission Delegated Regulation (EU) 2017/587 of Directive 2014/65.
  • Finding a text is still different from being confident that you have the latest version of the regulation in front of you. Single Rulebook provides that comfort by always using the latest version of the regulation.
  • There are many different regulatory provisions based on or related to other regulatory text. Single Rulebook visually represents all these relationships as part of the search results so users can see all related text.
  • Compliance professionals often need to locate very specific regulatory content in a way that is not enabled by mainstream search platforms. e.g. is there is any official guidance related to “market surveillance” rules?
  • Single Rulebook allows users to search across official regulatory content in combination with searching in-house interpretations and touch points to in-house policies, systems and controls.

The Single Rulebook platform has been specifically designed to understand and respond to regulatory search needs and we are continually improving the search functionality, including a recent technology upgrade to improve search suggestions to users.

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