Risk management

Traceability, Collaboration, SMR

An effective collaboration tool that helps meet complex regulatory requirements across different teams.

The challenge

Regulatory requirements around risk management can be extremely complex. Regulatory capital calculations, for example, are used within risk models but also based on interpretations from the advisory team and counsel as well as modelling by quant teams.

How we helped

Single Rulebook enabled different teams to use a single digital source of constantly maintained regulatory requirements, and to create a shared audit trail of all regulatory interpretations. Some teams accessed Single Rulebook via the user interface, other teams accessed via the API.

The outcome

The ability to trace interpretations of regulation back to a constantly maintained, single copy of the regulatory requirements reduces risk and increases collaboration. Integration of Single Rulebook with other systems provides traceability for end users and ensures that these systems can be properly maintained whenever the regulation changes.

If you would like to know how Single Rulebook can consolidate your regulatory workflow and save you time and cost, please get in touch.