Its easy to synchronise all your policies, systems and controls within Single Rulebook. This brings the whole firm much closer to regulatory requirements, creating efficiencies and reducing risk.


Below are just a few of the use cases based on different types of companies we work with.

Regulatory Change

(Impact analysis, Collaboration, Audit)

Demonstrable audit and change control allows operational teams within your organisation to focus on other matters.

Business Analyst / Product Owner

(Impact Analysis, Product Enhancement)

A software platform linked to the underlying regulation and that is fully auditable, enhances the client experience and decreases maintenance costs.


(Compliance Monitoring, Collaboration, Traceability)

A robust Compliance Monitoring Programme (CMP) is based on a comprehensive and up to date regulatory obligations register. Single Rulebook automatically maintains your regulatory obligations register and provides a full audit trail of your CMP, presented in the context of the applicable regulation.

Legal / Regulatory Advisory

(Search, Collaboration)

Now nobody is trawling through emails searching for old advice. Breaking down the barriers of the old ways of working has reduced the stress of managing regulation.

Risk management

(Traceability, Collaboration, SMR)

An effective collaboration tool that helps meet complex regulatory requirements across different teams.