Have you ever wished you could have all your regulatory requirements in one live and digital environment?

Have you ever wondered how to reconcile different interpretations of regulation across your organisation?

All-in-one solution

As an integrated software solution, Single Rulebook enables you to search, share and manage regulatory rules on one common platform. It provides so much more than just regulation tracking and scanning.

  • Search and navigate any regulatory field quickly and easily on a user friendly platform
  • Rule maps provide visual guidance throughout the platform and allow you to understand correlations and relationships between regulatory rules, for example how one rule links back to another
  • Automation means that you are always working on the most up to date version of the regulation and can share in-house interpretations dynamically while ensuring a comprehensive audit trail
  • Customised regulatory change alerts let you know how regulatory change may affect your interpretation of regulation
  • Collaboration is encouraged with the functionality to annotate, edit and share saving time and cost across your organisation
  • Trace regulatory decision making across your company and report on actions/course taken
  • Integrate existing policies, systems and controls with Single Rulebook and automatically see regulatory change impacts within your organisation

How does it work?

Single Rulebook works as an off-the shelf platform or can be integrated within your systems. Our no-code API allows non-technical users to integrate directly with the regulation.

Get in touch for a demonstration or a conversation to find out how we can save you time, costs and reduce your regulatory risk.