To keep track of ESMA Q&A without Single Rulebook is like eating bottomless spaghetti without a fork. It’s just not.. sophisticated

Regulatory conduct experts need to be confident that they consider all ESMA Q&As. That sounds basic. But for any compliance professionals and regulators, it’s a real challenge!

Consider the regulatory spaghetti above. This is a ‘rule map’ from Single Rulemap. It maps all the rules and ESMA Q&A relevant to Art. 21 of MiFIR. That’s just one rule in one #regulation. You see the long list of Q&As in the box on the right. When your firm trades bonds or derivatives OTC, you’ll need all these Q&As.

In reality the spaghetti is bottomless. New Q&As keep being added every few weeks.

Untangling the spaghetti requires regulatory expertise. But unfortunately experts often eat without a fork. They spend lots of time on logistical tasks: locating docs, browsing long pdfs, sifting through irrelevant emails, etc. This is not only frustrating and inefficient. It also creates risk.

Single Rulebook is a regulatory knowledge platform. It offers relevant tools such as visualised rule maps, powerful search, a Q&A mapping algorithm, tailored Q&A and rule update alerts and collaboration tools. Single Rulebook makes Legal and Compliance experts more efficient.

Bon Appetit!