EMIR Refit

The Challenge

With EMIR Refit going live on 29 April 2024 in the European Union and expected to go live at the end of September 2024 in the UK, organisations are now analysing the updated regulation to understand the changes required to their reporting processes and obligations.

Entities with a reporting obligation need to develop a clear understanding of the differences between EMIR and EMIR Refit so that all teams are fully briefed on the changes and their new reporting obligations across jurisdictions.

Keeping a central repository and communicating the changes to all impacted business functions can often pose a challenge to firms with multiple legal, regulatory, compliance and operations teams across the globe.


Single Rulebook’s online platform provides visual rule maps, traceability and annotation tools for EMIR Refit that can help firms manage the regulatory change and new obligations brought about by the revised regulation.

Key Benefits

  • A central repository of regulatory knowledge on EMIR Refit, including a firm’s legal and compliance annotations to the text, that can be accessed by anyone in an organisation
  • Enhanced search functionality across all EMIR Refit text, covering literal and semantic search, making it easier for teams to navigate the most up to date version of the regulation
  • Dynamic rule maps for EMIR Refit showing the relationships and links between regulatory rules and articles, allowing users to understand these correlations without leaving the platform.

If you would like to know how Single Rulebook can help you with the challenges of EMIR Refit, please get in touch.