Keeping up with continually evolving regulation, Q&As and guidance is a huge challenge within financial and legal institutions.

About us

Single Rulebook was established in 2019 by technology and compliance specialists with the aim of making regulation manageable and easy.

An easy-to-use software solution, Single Rulebook helps legal, compliance and ops teams search, share and manage regulatory rules on one digital platform.

With its powerful and dynamic rule maps, Single Rulebook’s user interface promotes collaboration, and information sharing, enabling firms to work more efficiently with regulations.

More than just a search tool, the platform also integrates with clients’ systems and delivers traceability in regulatory decision making across your company, saving time, costs and providing confidence that you are on top of regulations.

Executive Team

The strength of our platform to solve your business challenges comes from our depth of experience and expertise across regulatory compliance, financial services, technology, data visualisation and natural language processing.

Chris Dingley


Stefan Hendrickx

CTO & Co-Founder