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Regulatory Knowledge Management

with is an innovative SaaS solution, using Natural Language Processing, cognitive science and visualisation techniques to make regulatory advisory work more efficient and to generate cost-savings for legal and compliance departments in the financial sector. This is achieved through the following product functions:

  • RULE MAPS make legal and compliance advisors more efficient and confident: structures, links and visualises complex regulatory texts, and ensures that advisors can quickly consider all related current rules and guidance on a given topic. Our users have regulatory expertise at their fingertips and can be confident that they will never miss any rule change, new guidance or Q&A update.

  • KNOWLEDGE MAPS facilitate sharing and retention of expert knowledge for the benefit of the firm: captures a firm's in-house advisory knowledge and external counsel knowledge and structures this information in line with the relevant regulatory requirements. The firm's knowledge becomes structured data, accessible to any relevant person at any time.

  • SELF-SERVICE COMPLIANCE tools provide instant advisory services to front office: the Front Office wants answers instantly and consistently, around the clock, and we offer integrated chatbot functionality and question filters that deliver efficient legal and compliance advisory services that can be appropriately controlled by legal and compliance advisors. Compliance advisors can create, monitor and control advisory automation services for the Front Office via
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Regulatory coverage

[MiFID II / MiFIR], [MAR], [Short Selling Regulation], [EMIR], [UCITS], [AIFMD], [CSDR], [SFTR], [Benchmark Regulations], [REMIT], [ESMA Q&A], [EBA Q&A], [EIOPA Q&A], [ESMA Guidelines], [EBA Guidelines], [EIOPA Guidelines], [CRR2 / CRD5], [IFR / IFD], [EuVECA], [EuSEF], [ELTIF], [Securitisation Regulation], [Prospectus Regulation], [Transparency Directive], [MMFR], [BRRD], [PSD], [DGSD], [MCD], [PRIIPS], [GDPR], [Solvency II], [IDD] and counting!

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